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A method to construct high-precision complex pore digital rock

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 8:00pm
X-ray CT scanning is one of the main methods to study the pore structure of the rocks. However, low resolution is currently one of the major challenges of this method, which does not allow for the identification of microscopic pores. Even though adopting images of higher resolutions could reflect the microscopic pores of the rocks, due to the small size of the scanned rock sample in the x-ray CT scanning method, the rock parameters cannot be effectively obtained, especially for the rocks with strong heterogeneity. This would cause the loss of important pore information, such as fractures’ information. Focusing on this problem, the current research tries to propose a method for constructing high-precision digital rocks of complexly porous rocks. This method is based on the simultaneous application of x-ray CT scanning images, nuclear magnetic resonance measurements, as well as mercury injection experimental data and fractal discrete fracture network. These methods effectively com...