About Aegean

Founded in 1990, Aegean Associates, Inc. is a custom software provider with a broad base of successful projects that are deployed internationally. Solutions include factory automation, remote monitoring applications, instrumentation, and data collection for embedded hardware and software systems.

It's no secret that even the best software projects hit a few snags, fall behind schedule, or uncover a "surprise" or two -- we're here to help.

With our highly effective, no-nonsense approach to software development, we have principally served as a troubleshooter in projects that have major technical obstacles, involve new or unfamiliar technology, or have pressing time constraints. Our company brings considerable knowledge and productivity to troubled or difficult software projects.

Aegean's solid experience is built on a broad base of successful projects in industrial automation and process control, networks and communications, scientific and laboratory applications, and embedded hardware and software systems. Aegean enjoys a sound reputation for delivering quality work and for getting valuable results.

Aegean Associates, Inc.
5 The Strand
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 322-1337

info at aegean.com